Time Reading

Those 60 images collected in the piece of work Time Reading, are from the archives of American Intelligence Agencies on the Southern Cone countries of Latin America. The condition, in which these images appear in intelligence secret documents, sometimes makes them unveil facts from the 70’s and the 80’s. These object images reveal the secret […]

Missing Files – Classify, number and destroy Series

9 photographs in methacrylate, objects of medium format, printed continuous stationary, wood, printings and four 45 cm X 55 cm bronze plates, The piece proposes to work with the narrative of document destruction, lists corresponding to metafiles, since they do not exist and lists of documents destroyed, starting from the news which revealed the existence […]

Latinamerica Phantasmatica

The piece confronts utopian and dystopian ideas in Latin America’s recent history through the “suspicious” deaths of 5 Latin American presidents still under investigation. Joao Goulart, President of Brazil, over thrown by a coup in 1964 and killed by the Condor Operation in 1976. Salvador Allende from Chile, overthrown by a coup in 1973, who […]

In our small region near here

I have recently found documents related to forensics where it read that Salvador Allende, president of Chile, may have not committed suicide, since he has bullet exit wounds which do not conform to what Chile’s History has mentioned regarding his death at the coup in 1973. Pablo Neruda’s body has also been under investigation for […]

Learning Histories

This piece is a volume made by the CIA’s documents concerning Brazil and related to the coup in 1964, whose characteristic is that they did not declassify many documents compared to the intervention made in this country. CIA’s Brazilian documents of such period intercept in the volumetry of this work, including João Goulart’s government (1961-1964) […]


It is an installation which makes visible Internet contradictions from a political and geopolitical stand point in light of Edward Snowden’s disclosures on espionage and massive global data collection. Thus, the web appears not only as a globalization and communication utopia, i.e., as a technological symbol of progress and freedom, but also as an hegemonic […]

Secrets and erasures

This piece involves two dystopian information systems concerning recent Chilean history, through two documents on recent history of the country declassified by the USA. One of them, which serves as a black and slotted base is a declassified file completely censored with cross outs, where barely the word SECRET and other phrases and words may […]