Latinamerica Phantasmatica

The piece confronts utopian and dystopian ideas in Latin America’s recent history through the “suspicious” deaths of 5 Latin American presidents still under investigation. Joao Goulart, President of Brazil, over thrown by a coup in 1964 and killed by the Condor Operation in 1976. Salvador Allende from Chile, overthrown by a coup in 1973, who died in the same, and whose death is still under investigation. Juan José Torres, President of Bolivia, overthrown in 1971,killed in Buenos Aires by the Condor Operation in 1976. Jaime Roldós, President of Ecuador, killed in an airplane crash still in an on-going investigation, under attack suspicion. Omar Torrijos, President of Panama, killed in an airplane crash whose death investigation documents were stolen and disappeared in 1989.

Each of them represented political and economic alternatives which opposed the interests of the United States in the region: socialism, autonomy, copper, oil, and Panama Channel are some of the matters in conflict regarding the administration and ideological discourse ofthese interests.

Latinamerican Phantasmatica (Object)

3 elements are faced in the Bronze Box: the recording of political speeches of these presidents, images recorded from their official portraits, and images of their tragic deaths with date and function, and a dossier of declassified files about American politics on these countries, some highly censored. The 3 elements of the box are facing each other, utopia of the speech, dystopia of files, and non-clarified deaths are pieces of our history which are yet to be matched.

85 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm
Acrylic box, wooden support, sound, bronze plates and printed documents

Latinamerican Phantasmatic (images)

5 Paintings arranged perpendicular to the wall. They depict the procession taking their remains or massive funerals where citizens of these countries answer to the commotion generated by these deaths, which is reflected until today in the on-going investigations trying to clarify them. Shock and commotion sparked by these unsolved crimes have affected our societies, that is why these paintings have a double image: the right part is a blurry image, barely focused and impossible to distinguish; the reverse shows the shock image of funerals or deaths as a continuous image which linger on in our history until today, as oblivion and memory, part of memory exercises.

30 cm x 50 cm x 4 cm
Vellum, marker, White PITT, 5 mm acrylic and wooden support.

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