The piece consists of a library of books about the history of Chile made out of the declassified archives of the CIA and referring to the time frame between 1968 until 1991, concerning  events relevant to Chile and to the rest of the world. These documents were declassified by the CIA and other US intelligence organizations.

The piece shows the edition and selection of material which meant the revision of ten thousand archive documents. They were declassified, taking into account that their principal material characteristic is the conflict between information and censorship, which is the contradiction that makes it possible for these documents to be made public. The piece proposes a reading of the documents from their visuality and not just the information they contain.

The piece was installed in three outlets of the Ulises Bookshop chain in Santiago: in the neighbourhoods of Providencia, Lastarria and the shopping centre Parque Arauco, using varying strategies. The 608 books were available free to the public on the condition they answered a question, which made it possible for this critical material to begin circulating among the public.

Intervention in 3 bookshops in Santiago (in Providencia, Lastarria and Las Condes neighborhoods). Ulises Bookshops,.
project type:
Installation art
No History’s library
technique and objects:
608 books, 5 types and different formats.

608 printed posters in Spanish.
1 book made of translucent plastic material.

Back-lit shelves, display for pocket editions and light box.
Variable dimensions
Proyecto Dislocación