The piece is composed by three parts which continues my research work on the declassified archive material of the US concerning Chile and the Southern Cone countries of Latin America. One part of the piece consists of the archive documents made of roofing felt impregnated with tar and cut by laser giving shape to a volume that was hung in the centre of the exhibition space. At the same time a general blemish is produced in the space as the white parts of the documents have been eliminated by laser, leaving only the information of the ink-print of the original documents.

The second part of the piece is a large stain containing a visual degradation, the textual and graphic elements that make up the archive documents and which is achieved by the destruction of those documents and their re-composition into handmade paper fragmenting and disorganizing the information. The third component of the piece is the display of 200 piled books belonging to the piece The Non-History’s Library (seen in Santiago, Bern and Istanbul during 2010 and 2011) and the books of The Non-History (exhibited in Porto Alegrein 2011) on a back-lit base.

Sección SoloPrioject Feria Arco
project type:
Installation art
No History’s library
technique and objects:
40 laser cut tar sheets of 80 x 45 cms.80 pieces of acrylic 2mm thick and 2 x 40 cms.15 sheets of cotton fibrepaper, fragments of declassified archives on 90g Bond paper, fragments of shredded Chilean paper money dated from 1980s and 1990s and destroyed by the Central Bank of Chile, laser and rice starch printouts each 64 x 58 cm Total dimension: 1 m 92 cm x 2 m 90 cmInstallation of the books of The Non-History􀂁s Library and The non-History, 2010 –2011Box 50 x 150 x 90 cm, black lacquer, LED lighting and covered
Variable dimensions
Feria Arco