Declassified, Secret and Confidential: Outgoing Message

4 series of laser cut acrylic modules from CIA declassified files and other American intelligence agencies on the activities of South American intelligence agencies. Information in the files, transformed into black, transparent, and white acrylics, modifies the reading in censored and crossed out documents due to the visual difficulties of texts. The cut material transforms […]

Minimal secret

The piece is composed by three parts which continues my research work on the declassified archive material of the US concerning Chile and the Southern Cone countries of Latin America. One part of the piece consists of the archive documents made of roofing felt impregnated with tar and cut by laser giving shape to a […]

The No-History’s Library/ARTIST TRIAL

PROTOCOL FOR THE START UP OF HISTORY The No-History’s Library/ ARTISTTRIAL, intends to articulate and make visible, by placing this piece at the Nicanor Parra UDP Library, the traumatic persistence originated in the incompleteness of recent Chilean history, which this piece seeks to highlight, but also accept and heal. The No-History’s Library / ARTIST TRIAL […]

La Bibliotecade la No-Historia-Questions and Answers

This work belongs to the exhibition The History is Mine! curatedby Paul Ardenne. It will be presented at the Festival of Printemps, (Toulouse, France) on September-October 2012. The compiled answers were organized into subjective files belonging to the people that took a book. The “Bibliotecade la No-Historia”/ Questions and Answers, has been elaborated from the […]