The phenomenon of human zoos, exhibited in Europe, served to establish economic expansionist principles by building the notions of savages, the exotic and the others. From 1815 to 1958 they meant the popularization of European racism and the legitimization of the conquest over the territories of these non-European places. Since 1874, and taking Germany the […]


Voluspa Jarpa has presented her project for the Chilean Pavilion of the 58th Venice Biennale under the title “Altered Views”. The project originates in a question the artist seeks to answer: how is the modernist, Eurocentric and colonial gaze configured? The gaze that later expands from Europe to the USA and constructs a symbolic contempt […]

Translation Lessons

Traslation Lessons es una exposición que tiene como concepto central elaborar el material de inteligencia sobre Chile, desclasificado por los servicios de inteligencia de EUA, a través de acciones y lecciones de traducción del idioma inglés al español. La obra plantea la distancia de la información contenida en los desclasificados con respecto al acceso y […]


The piece is an installation performed with 1.148 declassified files about Chile printed in double face. This installation includes the volume of declassification and documents censored and ignored. To produce this volume, documents with different levels of folding and wrinkles will be used, making a progression which starts on the wall and continues to space. […]

The No-History’s Library/ARTIST TRIAL

PROTOCOL FOR THE START UP OF HISTORY The No-History’s Library/ ARTISTTRIAL, intends to articulate and make visible, by placing this piece at the Nicanor Parra UDP Library, the traumatic persistence originated in the incompleteness of recent Chilean history, which this piece seeks to highlight, but also accept and heal. The No-History’s Library / ARTIST TRIAL […]

The No-History

This installation is made of the editing of a thousand books after the revision of archive material declassified by the US concerning the Southern Cone countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. This region of South America has a long history of interaction, one of the most traumatic of which is the operations which these […]

The No-History’s Library

This piece was part of an exhibition titled Dislocation. It was exhibited from March until June 2011 at the Bern Kunstmuseumin Switzerland under the curatorship of Kathleen Buhler. The piece consists of a library of books about the history of Chile made out of the declassifiedarchives of the CIA and other intelligence organisations. The 600 […]

The No-History’s Library

The piece consists of a library of books about the history of Chile made out of the declassified archives of the CIA and referring to the time frame between 1968 until 1991, concerning events relevant to Chile and to the rest of the world. These documents were declassified by the CIA and other US intelligence […]

“Ejercicios de colección” – Alfredo Valenzuela Puelma y Voluspa Jarpa: Marchand d’Esclaves (Perla del Mercader)

(Texto Departamento de Comunicaciones del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes) Como parte del programa Ejercicios de Colección, la artista Voluspa Jarpa ha sido invitada a proponer una intervención de la Colección Permanente con motivo de los 100 años de la muerte del pintor chileno Alfredo Valenzuela Puelma (1856-1909). Su propuesta consiste en restituir simbólica y […]