Trauma ocular

Collective exhibition
Curatorial text

Collaborative exhibition by Voluspa Jarpa with artists and collectives: Sebastián Tapia, Luis Bhamondes, El Rayo Verde editorial, Radio Dignidad, Cristián Inostroza Cárcamo, Violeta Molyneux, Rodcha, Andrés Larraín, Delight Lab, Sebastián Rojas and Francisco Aravena Cortés.

A few years have passed since we shared a revolt that made us recognize each other among our broader vision of diversity, one of such magnitude that at least the newer generations in Chile had not felt.

This social, historical and spiritual encounter allowed us to understand the city as the body of a human group, which in its own organization is constituted as a larger living being. Likewise, it was possible to condition our functions towards what our capacities, abilities and wills led us to do, in an operation modeled by the circumstances of the moment, where projectiles were produced, wounded were healed and graphic art was designed in a unison clamor for justice and progress.

From there we were able to observe the passage of noise through the tunnel of time, which, like a solar orbit, transported us to times of darkness and brightness, connecting us with traces discarded by democracy that persist under layers of ballot papers.

Now, how has the rule of law to live in peace been degraded in these last four years? The distance from politics, coupled with its power to distort history, resonates in this country as elsewhere on the planet. In a global discontent that obeys the victimization of society in the face of excessive power, in a strange contradiction that ignores the fact that it is we ourselves who elect those who govern us.

Empty speeches, crude and excessive images, unusual laws, meaningless protocols and the most absurd minimization of human rights. All of this constitutes a present that seems to have neither head nor tail, while manipulations and myths that hinder a solution in the near future are conspired. However, the responsibility to solve this eternal pending is ours. We have to take charge of the real history, that which lasts longer than a fifteen-second video and whose magic lies in the perspective that opens up as time goes by.

We propose a journey that is based on the idea of observation and the free will of creativity as values of the collective movement, understanding these actions as a cause and consequence of determining processes, which to this day rest in the latent wait of social fatigue.

We present an exhibition that almost nobody wants to see today, whose main intention is to open a moment of reflection on the archive that is built from the immediate reaction. It is an exercise in memory that hurts us, just as the eyes that were gouged out and the deaths devoid of justice since that October, which accumulate with so many other unhealed wounds from the dictatorship and beyond. Now, more than ever, we need to remember and not to drag, to take charge of this process in a conscious and far-sighted way,

Memory implies forgetting and therefore it is not only that which is remembered, but it also implies the dispute of that which societies do not allow to be forgotten. This process is not automatic; it takes place over time, generation after generation, permanently marking the ethical discussion in a society. What today is subjected to oblivion will inevitably be remembered tomorrow.


Trauma Ocular
(Ocular trauma)
In Trauma ocular, 11 young people recount the circumstances in which they were shot in their eyes. The video forms into a choral story that tells the experience. The description of police violence and how that event changed their lives. The second part of the work focuses on 8 of them who decided to form a musical band of victims of ocular trauma and ends with a recording from a terrace of CIMA Gallery where you can see the Plaza Dignidad/ Baquedano/ Italia (depending on the names that the square has assumed over time), epicenter of the social outbreak, where they sing one of their songs about the experience.

Trauma ocular (2020-2023) - Voluspa Jarpa

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Galería CIMA



  • 2020-2023
    Trauma ocular
    (Ocular trauma)
  • Paisaje Temporal
    (Temporary Landscape)
    Drawing on window
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