Síntomas de la Historia

This piece creates interventions in various areas of the National Library of Chile, using a historical event as starting point: the sacking and transportation of books at the end of the 19th century from the National Library of Peru to the National Library of Chile, and their subsequent return in 2007.

This piece deals with the possibility of encoding this traumatic historical event in the construction of volumes, the use of documents and the representation of still lifes with books.

The piece encodes the story of this theft and restitution through the materialisation of the interventions along the architecture of this institutional space, questioning the institutions involved in the events. The intervention is intended as part of a diptych that is completed by the intervention of the same name in Lima at the National Library of Peru.

Síntomas de la Historia, Voluspa Jarpa

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Biblioteca Nacional de Chile
  • Síntomas de la Historia (Symptoms of History)
    Volume consisting of printed images of women on positions of hysteria attacks and thread, glass showcase with 2 books, lamp with lights and printed figures of women having hysteria attacks, and 55 oil paintings on canvas in different formats
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