En Nuestra Pequeña Región de por Acá

Voluspa Jarpa has developed an artistic practice in recent years that revolves around treatments and uses of the archive as aesthetic source and as generator of new reality. Based on declassified intelligence documents and of documents yielded by trials, Jarpa relates vestiges of periods of dictatorship in countries like Chile, Paraguay and Brazil -all of which have played a part in the artist’s own past- in an attempt to understand the events that took place there. Jarpa works with the notions taken from other disciplines like psychoanalysis and history to construct a mixed discourse. The artist’s first solo show in a Latin American Museum, En nuestra pequeña región de por acá (In Our Little Region Around Here) was conceived specifically for MALBA’s premises and is now presented in Chile, her native country, at the space Matucana 100.

In the framework of her research into recent history, Jarpa analyzes the Cold War period in relation to Latin America- a territory key to that conflict’s conception and events. She opposes the asepsis of North American minimalism -glaringly evident in the work of Donald Judd, for instance- to U.S. intelligence service documents for the period from 1948 to 1994. The narrative he formulates revolves around forty-seven Latin American leaders who played a key role in the organization of States and who were either assassinated or died in circumstances still enveloped in doubt.

In its exploration, the exhibition moves between politics, aesthetics, and psychoanalysis. Its open and new reading formulates questions on those unresolved deaths and signals the hidden powers and economic interests at play in the region, from Mexico to Argentina. Jarpa’s narrative goes from the micro to the macro; a range of documents, archival images, audio recordings, and texts hold fragments of a permeable discourse. Through them, it is possible to put together an account of our history that heeds the specific context of each country.

Jarpa’s work combines the investigative and the artistic acts. Language is a fundamental part of a process to which ideas of knowledge and translation are essential as creative acts in themselves, as the videographic work that closes the show evidences.

Agustín Pérez Rubio Curator

Translation Lessons
(2017) - Voluspa Jarpa

Translation Lessons
(2017) - Voluspa Jarpa

Translation Lessons
(2017) - Voluspa Jarpa

Matucana 100 / GAV / En nuestra pequeña región de por acá / Voluspa Jarpa y Agustín Pérez Rubio

Voluspa Jarpa | Retratos

Voluspa Jarpa en #CombinacionClave Jueves 26 de Octubre

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Centro Cultural Matucana 100


  • Serie Lo que ves es lo que es / Judd Fibonacci
    Stainless-steel rectangular profile, 7 stainless steel pieces, 5 stainless steel folders with court files and strips of printed paper with CIA files
  • Serie Lo que ves es lo que es / Judd Cubos
    6 MDF cubes coated with stainless steel, engraved phrase, and 6 acrylic blocks containing 17 laser-cut documents
  • Yo no soy un hombre, soy un pueblo
    Digital print and ink on polyester paper
  • Serie Lo que ves es lo que es / Judd Vertical
    10 folded stainless-steel modules and 54 laser-cut acrylic plates
  • Algunos estamos amenazados de muerte
    8 slide projection devices and 47 text stickers
  • Discursos utópicos Latinoamérica 1947-1994
    Audio of speeches by Latin American political leaders and adhesive texts
  • Serie Lo que ves es lo que es / Judd Tubo
    Black lacquered wood volume with tubular stainless-steel profile and 10 strips printed on backlight film
  • Serie Lo que ves es lo que es / Judd Shaft
    Stainless-steel structure with transparent gray acrylic and 10 strips printed on backlight film
  • Mi carne es bronce para la Historia
    47 ink on bronze sheet portraits
  • Todo se desvanece en la niebla
    29 stainless steel folders with documents printed on paper
  • 2014
    Histórias de aprendizagem
    520 laser-cut acrylic plates, stainless steel cable
  • 2017
    Padre Analfabeto
    6 videos on tablets with headphones
  • Translation Lessons
    Video installation with 3 different edit versions
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