This work reflects on the capacity of contemporary painting to refer to the historical facts that affect us in everyday life. For this exercise of resistance, I took two types of documents, some public (newspapers) and others private (declassified CIA files). First, I made a small-format graphic series with declassified CIA files, referring to the history of Chile between 1964 and 1990.

As a second operation, I took the front pages of the Chilean newspapers of September 11 and 12, 2002, where the attack on the Twin Towers appeared, painted them in enlarged formats, and crossed out the texts referring to the information of that event. Both exercises were also about submitting the pictorial manuality to the imitation of the graphic document.

Tipo de Investigación:
Galería de Arte Universidad Católica de Temuco

Desclasificados (Declassified)
6 paintings of Chilean newspaper covers in oil and pen on canvas and series of 9 declassified files in acrylic, oil and pen on canvas

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