What it is iswhat you see

The installation is a reference to the series of minimalistic pieces that Donald Judd performed by the end of the sixties and during the seventies and includes the same dimensions and materials. However, its vertical alignment is slightly displaced with small movements which disorganize it.

Inside, rest colored acrylic layers which contain files on 12 Latin American countries declassified by American intelligence agencies, especially documents corresponding to coup conspiracies occurred in the same decades of Donald Judd’s works. This information was kept secret until it was declassified in the first decade of this century. The files account for the destabilization of democratic governments in the region and the social and economic consequences.

The files are texts and images, many of them censored, from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico.

The piece poses a political approximation to Minimalism occurred in a historical context of celebration of the American industrialization, while conspiring to stage a coup in Latin America, proposing tension between form and content summarized in the title What you see is what it is, a famous Minimalist maxim.

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10 steel modules with 4 laser cut acrylic plates (red, orange and yellow)
Total dimensions: 295,9 x 61 x 110 cm.
Each piece: 15,5 cm x 60,9 cm x 68,6 cm
10 pieces in total with 15,4 cm empty spaces

Dimensions Variable