The No-History’s Library

This piece was part of an exhibition titled Dislocation. It was exhibited from March until June 2011 at the Bern Kunstmuseumin Switzerland under the curatorship of Kathleen Buhler. The piece consists of a library of books about the history of Chile made out of the declassifiedarchives of the CIA and other intelligence organisations.

The 600 books were available free to the public who could take them under the condition of filling a slip of paper which was kept tobeused as raw material for the next exhibition, allowing this critical material to enter into public circulation.

Given the difficulty of reading the documents, as well as their lack of historical classification, I consider that their revision by the reader-visitor happens in the limbo between the image (black blocks of ink) and the word (fragmented information), which I propose as a metaphor forour history.


600 books, 5 types and different formats.
Fake wall with 3 back-lit bookshelves.
600 posters printed in English and German.

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