Somatic landscape

Taking as a starting point the image of the woman having an hysteria attack, I’m borrowing from psychoanalytical theory the idea of an experience prior to the hierarchical constitution of language, in which, because of the impossibility of narrative, the body becomes the discourse.
The images are arranged in series of twelve rubber stamps reproduced to create a structure whose scale and repetitiveness make it abstract in relation to its display, forming a shapeless stain, without rules of representation.
I transform these contorted figures into 12 printed figures on flat mylar that emerge from two-dimensionality to become three-dimensional volumes hanging from nylon threads, creating the sensation of a swarm coming out of the wall into the space of the room.

Tipo de Investigación:
Museo de Artes Visuales

Stamps on canvas

5400 figurines of hysteric positions –printed mylar with black ink.

500 nylon threads and 500-5grams lead weights


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