Secrets and erasures

This piece involves two dystopian information systems concerning recent Chilean history, through two documents on recent history of the country declassified by the USA. One of them, which serves as a black and slotted base is a declassified file completely censored with cross outs, where barely the word SECRET and other phrases and words may be read, without any possibility to access the historical information therein.

Overlapped, in a metallic cut material, there is a handwritten memorandum in English as of June 3rd, 1976, which reads:
«Dear Mr.
Stevenson:Could you tell me, who in the Pentagone, is responsible for teaching torture techniques to the Chileans?
Thank you very much, sincerely
Eloise Lushbough
Ms. Eloise T. Lushboughtelephone: 312-714-5420 020 Elm Street
M.L. Illinois-60025
PS: thank you for opposing bomber b1.»
By overlapping these two documents, one completely hiding its matter and the other informing the dystopian dimension of the information, I try to approximate the tone of violence and implications of this story.

Tipo de Investigación:

Edición para Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende
45 cm x 30 cm x 0,6 cm
Corte Laser de Acrílico de 4mm y ABS

Tipo de proyecto:
tipo de obra: