It is an installation which makes visible Internet contradictions from a political and geopolitical stand point in light of Edward Snowden’s disclosures on espionage and massive global data collection. Thus, the web appears not only as a globalization and communication utopia, i.e., as a technological symbol of progress and freedom, but also as an hegemonic political control system, a business dealing with private life secrets and the possibility of surveillance exceeding the most dystopian imaginary of society, as the case of surveillance and control described by Orwell.

The piece intends to make visible the simultaneity this contradiction lives with, between utopia and dystopia. To this aim, the installation is an artifact that comprises different images and diagrams:

1.La imagen del cableado submarino de internet de hoy y que se calcula atraviesa los océanos del mundo a través de 900.000

1 .The image of today’s Internet submarine cable is calculated to cross oceans through 900.000

2. The volumetric conformation through silicone threads weaving which join the points in a map, materially reproducing the weft and magnitude of virtual communications according to geographic distribution, i.e. the geopolitical use of Internet.

These two images have been worked in transparent and delicate materials, generating a spectral and blurred image, where both networks, the material and the virtual, overlap in a visual game of sparks and shades.

The installation is completed in the adjacent wall with a volume comprised of a heap of documents which chronologically collect news and discussions which sparked around the world in 2013 after Edward Snowden leaked documents of the NSA which accounted for espionage of allies. This volume of papers is linked to the map through threads and is surrounded by declassified files from the “old” Cold War and the American espionage of Latin American countries and other places in the world.

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