Monumental, Voluspa Jarpa

Voluspa Jarpa’s participation, only Chilean artist to be invited to the 12th Shanghai Biennale- 2018, consists in the intervention of the access zone of the Hall of the Biennale with a large size work that dialogues with the industrial architectural space where the Biennale develops.

The intervention consists in documentary and archive material from Latin American countries during Cold War. The documents belong to paperwork of Intelligence Agencies from the United States of America, that cover the historical period that goes from 1948 to 1991.
In the proposal selected by the curator of the Biennale, Cuauhtémoc Medina, the idea is that the work constructs a symbolic and material image of the amount of secret information that is implicated in this documentation, as well as to show the censor marks on the documents officially declassified by USA.

In this way, the proposal of Monumental centers in 3 large scale works, made up by archive material that tries to generate a sensorial experience of the documentation. In order to do this, two bodies of the work of art reach the 26 meters height of the building, going through its 3 floors. One is made with laser cut acrylics and the other with printed polyester paper.

The third piece, made in stainless steel and laser cut acrylic plates, is an appropriation and a remake of, North American artist, Donald Judd’s work done in 1968. Voluspa Jarpa’s proposal is to work with these works of art by altering their shape and content, by transforming this minimalist works into a deposit for intelligence files.

The work proposes a tension between modernist shapes, architecture and intelligence files’ contents, elements that make a geopolitical notion between aesthetic form and historical content.

Research or Serie:
project type:
Power Station of Art (PSA)
Technique and/or objects:

520 laser cut acrylic plates, 50x40cm each
34 stripes printed on synthetic paper
10 stainless steel units with laser cut acrylic plates

Dimensioness Variables
12th Shanghai Biennale