La Bibliotecade la No-Historia-Questions and Answers

This work belongs to the exhibition The History is Mine! curatedby Paul Ardenne. It will be presented at the Festival of Printemps, (Toulouse, France) on September-October 2012.

The compiled answers were organized into subjective files belonging to the people that took a book. The “Bibliotecade la No-Historia”/ Questions and Answers, has been elaborated from the two different types of archives: the CIA declassified documents and other intelligence organisms for the USA, and the resultant archive from the answers given by the public on earlier exhibitions. The CIA declassified files cover from 1969 to 1991 and they include the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. The Chilean archives constitute the bigger quantity of documents that the USA has released concerning public politics of foreign country.

Part of the books created for the Toulouse exhibit, are a critical collection of the 70.000 archives reviewed by the artist and have been reorganized according to their evident material components: highlighting the tension between the textual information and the black out; agraphic element present that contradictory allows the archive to go public.

The books generated from the archives include in its editing process the black outs and textual information that because of its scale ad proportion avoid the hegemony of the written narrative over the visual reading. Given the reading difficulties created by the fragmentation imposed by the black outs to the documents and its lack of chronological organization, the narrative turns out into chaos. Revealing it as a traumatic effect. This acknowledges a time of interventions and negotiations in which the freedom of speech and access to the information was captured and that we propose in this project as a metaphor of the historical accounts.

The other part of the books prepared for the exhibit at Printemps of Toulouse, consists of the editing of the handwritten answers that various people, in different places and languages, decided to express themselves subjectively in relation to this material. The answers are very different, pointing out to a personal and subjective reaction to the information that constitutes the history. Including these answers in this new work pursuit the idea of exploring the tension between the materials explored and how individuals relate to information or to the lack of it. As well in this work, I explore the dynamic of the encounter between informative documents related to macro-historical events and the individual shock that this situation creates. Both lines of thought are presented in my work as rational that I have called History-Hysteria.

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Istanbul Biennale
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Festival de Printemps