Declassified, Secret and Confidential: Outgoing Message

4 series of laser cut acrylic modules from CIA declassified files and other American intelligence agencies on the activities of South American intelligence agencies.
Information in the files, transformed into black, transparent, and white acrylics, modifies the reading in censored and crossed out documents due to the visual difficulties of texts.
The cut material transforms this piece in an optical game of shadows projecting one over the other -more or less intensely according to the color or transparency of the material, morphing factual or people information into ghosts of history, revealed or hidden by documents. Pairs of modules are hinged, which enables to move documents and change their position, which generates text and image material uncertainty.






Research or Serie:
project type:
Arco 2012
Technique and/or objects:

24 laser cut acrylics 3 mm thick and 30 cm x 45 cm
Reticulated wood structure 1.87 m x 1.92 m

Dimensions Variable