Civic Education

Civic education is a series of sculptural objects crafted through the intervention of some Latin American countries History books, with the insertion of different documents declassified by American intelligence agencies. The term SECRET of this documentation is often translated in censorship as black cross-outs which paradoxically make the information public.

The files dialogue with “Official” Histories in the chapters where they should be deemed documents or sources of reference for the narration of those facts.Through surgical and craft work tools, books and documents are submitted to material forcing as opening, torsion, or folding, which compel both the objectual and conceptual dialogue between each other.

The series invites to reflect on the writing of history, the notion of country sovereignty and the necessity of visualize our history as a story of “contamination” by domestic and foreign powers which produce our experiences, not only in the past, but also in the contemporaneity.

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Series of 12 objects